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DrawingNumber Name Parts Used
92-INS-0176-C Nose Fork Assembly Instructions AN4-17A, TC91-60, TC95-258, SD48BS, TC92-109, #4 FLAT WASHER, TG94-73, AN960-416, AN365-428, AN4-17A
92-INS-0177-B Rudder Pedal Assembly Instructions TC91-32, TC92-113, AN365-428A, AN4-7A, TC91-60, TC92-110, TC91-32, TC92-196, TC92-113,
92-INS-0178-D Spindle and Brake Assembly TG95-80, TG95-79, TG92-24, TG91-2X, AN3-5A, AN365-1032A, AN960-10
92-INS-0179-D 1 3/8" Gear Leg Assembly AN365-428, AN960-416, TG91-20X, TG95-80, AN3-16A, AN365-1032A, AN960-10
92-INS-0180-C Control Stick Assembly SD48BS, TC91-56, TC91-49, TC91-63, TC91-55, SD45BS, TC91-45, TF92-88, AN4-13A, TC91-52, AN4-13A, TC91-42
92-INS-0181-F Anti Servo Control Assembly MH03-20, AN365-1032, TC91-73, TC91-75, AN960-10, AN3-10A, TH91-35, TH92-40, 3/16-1032, TC92-124, SD45BS, TC91-3, TF92-180, TC96-280, TC91-80, TC04-382, TC91-76, TH02-144
92-INS-0182-C Tail Boom Assembly and Alignment Main Wing Fittings, Tail Boom, Aft Saddle, Forward Socket, Vertical Assembly, Plumb Bob, 'Smart' Level Measurement Location
92-INS-0183-D Vertical and Strake Assembly Vertical Assembly, Strake, Tail Boom
92-INS-0184-E Stabilator Assembly SD42BS, SD45BS, SD42BS
92-INS-0185-E Stabilator Mounting Instructions TT91-6, AN380-2-3, TC00-321, TT91-12, AN365-524A, AN45-24, TT92-44, AN960-516, AN310-5, NAS1105-7, AN960-516
92-INS-0186-B Trimwheel Mounting Instructions TF92-162, SD42BS, AN5-5A, TC91-81, TC91-80, TF92-135
92-INS-0187-B Anti Servo Push/Pull Rod Assembly TC91-82, TT92-31, TC92-124, TC91-73, TC91-3
92-INS-0188-D Anti Servo Tab Assembly TT92-31, SD42BS, TT92-28, TT01-95, SD43BS, TT92-31, TT92-28, TC92-144, TC92-145, TT92-27
92-INS-0189-C Brake Pedal Assembly TC93-219-R, TC93-219-L, TC92-113, TC91-37, TC91-32, Fuselage Tube, Nico Brake Cable, Brake Pedal, Rudder Pedal
92-INS-0190-B Fuselage Cable Routing TF92-89, TF92-87, TF91-110, TF92-87, TF92-89, TF91-110, Cable Stop
92-INS-0191-D Rudder Installation AN960-10, AN3-4A, TT92-23, AN310-3, TF91-77, TF92-180, TF97-274, AN3-10A, AN960-10, TC91-25, TT92-38
92-INS-0194-B Rudder Cable Installation TC91-32, TC91-111, TC91-37, TC92-110
92-INS-0195-B Tailwheel Mounting Instructions TF92-77, TF92-180, TF97-274, TT91-6, TF93-190, TF93-189
92-INS-0196-C Cable Guide Installation TF91-10, TF92-87, SD43BS, Forward Control Guide, Main Control Guide, Main Gear Tube Weldment, Seat Frame, Cable Guide BRacket
92-INS-0197-B Throttle Handle Assembly TC92-114, AN365-428A, TC91-17, TH91-41, Throttle Backing Plate
92-INS-0237-B Flap Detent Strip Installation TC92-128
92-INS-0241-C Door Latch Assembly TF92-155, TF92-170, TF92-160, TF92, 157, AN960-616, TF92-156, TF92-160, TF92-164, TF92-158, TF92-161, TF92-155, TF92-159, TF92-160
92-INS-0243-C Rear Door Latch Assembly TF92-171, TF92-167, TF92-168, TF92-169, TF92-167, TF92-0166, TF92-169, AN960-616, TF92-157
92-DT-0247-C Wiring Diagram Solenboid, Mag Switch, Toggle Switch, Gas Gauge, 12V Battery, Regulator, Rectifier, Cinch, Male Conn, Female Conn, Rotax Engine, Hobbs Meter, Tachometer, Dual CHT, TF92-121, 9400-0013, 12N9-4B-1, A-510-2, 2CT8A-6, P5000, 503 UL DCD, K2DC8
92-DT-0248-C 503 Wiring Diagram TF92-121, 503 UL DCD, K2DC8, 6-140, 2CT8A-6, 9400-0013, P5000
92-INS-0249-A Forward Belly Skin [N/A]
92-DT-0251-A Mag Switch Pinout and Wiring Diagram [N/A]
92-INS-0252-B Fuel Tank Mount Installation TF93-193, TF93-194-R, TF93-194-L, TF92-180, TF92-77, TF97-274
92-INS-0256-D Mounting Engine to Fuselage AN310-6, TP92-19, AN6-31, TP92-10, TP92-5, TP97-123, TP96-64, TP92-19
92-INS-0260-B Stabilator Cable Installation Stabilator Spar, Elevator Driver, Stablilator Control Horn
92-INS-0266-E Instrument Panel Installation TF97-270, TF92-112, TF95-231
92-INS-0269-C Nose Cone Installation TF92-129, TF92-90, TF94-205, TF92-91
92-INS-0312-B Stits Layout [N/A]
92-INS-0313-B Left Window Installation Top Fuselage Tubes, Rear Down Tube, Center Down Tube, FOrward Down Tube, Lexan Strip Hinge Installation, Rear Window Molding, Down Tube
92-INS-0314-C Upper Right Window Installation Forward Window, Rear Window, Molding, Center Down Tube
92-INS-0316-C Front Door Installation Front Door Window, Front Door Frame, Front Door Skin, Bottom of Door Frame, Fuselage Frame,
92-INS-0318-C Rear Door Installation Rear Door Frame, Rear Door Molding, Rear of Door Frame, Bottom of Door Frame, Fuselage Frame, Rear Door Skin, Rear Door Window
92-INS-0320-B Wing Gap Seal Installation Wing Gap Seal, Wing Fitting, Fuselage Down Tube, Aluminum Skin, and Window, Rubber Wing Gap Seal Wing Fitting, Fuselage of Frame
92-INS-0318-C Rear Door Installation Rear Door Frame, Rear Door Molding, Rear of Door Frame, Bottom of Door Frame, Fuselage Frame, Rear Door Skin, Rear Door Window
92-INS-0320-B Wing Gap Seal Installation Wing Gap Seal, Wing Fitting, Fuselage Down Tube, Aluminum Skin, and Window, Rubber Wing Gap Seal Wing Fitting, Fuselage Frame
92-INS-0321-C Mounting Wing to Fuselage TW91-3X, AN5-5A, AN365-524, AN5-10A, AN5-11A, AN365-524, TW91-3X
92-INS-0322-A Cable Tunnel and Aluminum Gap Seal Installation [N/A]
92-INS-0331-B Landing Gear Installation TG92-45, TG92-24, TG92-42, TG92-40, TG92-45, TH-22, TH91-5, AN3-11A, TG92-26, TH91-34, AN960-10L
92-INS-0332-C Nosewheel Installation TG92-45, TG92-46, TG92-36, TG39, TG92-46, TG92-29, TG92-28, TG98-105, TG92-48X, TG92-45
92-INS-0333-A Main Aileron Push/Pull Tube Installation AN365-428A, TW92-52, AN4-13A, TC91-4, AN5-13A, AN365-524A, TC92-115, TC92-154, AN5-13A, AN365-524A, TC91-4, AN365-428, TC91-150
93-INS-0343-B Pull Rope Guide Installation TF94-208X, TF94-209X
93-DT-0366-C Wiring Diagram 503 UL DCDI, P5000, 9400-0013, 12N9-4B-1, SOLENOID, TF92-121, K2DC8, 2CT8A-6, A-510-2, VOLTMETER, TOGGLE SWITCH, GAS GAUGE
98-INS-0966-A Lap and Shoulder Harness Installation Fuselage Frame, Seatbelt
92-INS-0154-B Inspection Hole Layout [N/A]
92-INS-0199-B Intermediate Shear Web Installation TW92-33, SD42BS
92-INS-0242-B Flap Handle Installation AN365-416, AN365-428, TC92-89, TC92-90, AN4-11A, TC92-86, TC92-90, TW92-28, AN365-428, TC92-91, TC92-90, AN4-11A, TC92-86, TH93-74, TC92-116
92-INS-0258-D Aileron Assembly TC91-28X, TC92-142, TC95-260, TC92-142, TC95-260
92-INS-0259-C Flap Hinge Installation TC92-102, TC92-143, TW92-142
92-INS-0262-C Aileron Installation TC92-107, AN365-428A, TC92-117, TC92-118, TC91-8, AN4-7A, TC92-123, TC91-21X, AN4-7A, TC92-182, AN365-428A, AN960-416
92-INS-0263-B Flap Installation TC92-123L, TC91-28X, AN365-428A, TC92-104, AN365-428A, TC92-122, TC92-102, AN4-7A, TC92-97, TC92-98, TC97-302
92-INS-0264-E Wingtip Rib Installation TW92-30-L, TW92-31, TW93-68, TW01-120, TW92-17, TW95-87, TW01-120, TW92-30
92-INS-0265-C Left Wingtip Installation TW92-12, TC92-123L, TW01-120
92-INS-0326-C Flap Control System Assembly AN3-14A, AN365-1032, AN960-10, TC92-99, TC92-97
92-INS-0330-B Wing Structure Assembly TW92-13, TW92-41, TW92-40, TC92-121, TW91-3X, TW92-25, TW92-26, TW92-17, TC92-122, TW92-11, TC92-123, TW92-30, TW92-12, TW92-31, TW92-24, TW92-88, TW92-58, TW92-33, TW92-28, TW92-27, TW92-23, TW92-22
93-INS-0335-E Hat Section and Rib Layout SD45BS, SD42BS, SD43BS
92-INS-0337-C Aileron Control System Layout AN960-416, TH91-23, AN365-428A, SD42BS, TW92-53, TC91-8, TC92-120, TW92-52, AN960-416, TC92-6, TH91-23, AN365-428A, AN960-416, TC91-7, TW92-53, TC92-119, TC91-8, SD43BS, TH91-23, AN365-428A, AN960-416
93-INS-0338-B Hat Section and Rear Spar Layout TW92-41, TW92-17, 92-25, TW92-27, TW92-28, TW92-33, TW92-40, TW92-41, TW92-58, TW92-25, TW92-58, TW92-40, TW92-17, TW92-41
93-INS-0340-A Setting Wing Washout [N/A]
93-INS-0341-A Wing Skin Installation SD42BS, AD42BS, SD45BS, TW92-36
95-INS-0593-D Electric Flap Motor Mounting TC92-98, TC97-302, AN365-428, AN4-13A, AN960-416, AN365-428A, TC92-99, TW92-23
95-INS-0595-F Motorized Flap Control System TC92-98, TC97-302, AN3-14A, AN365-1032, AN960-10, TC92-99, TC92-97, TC92-99,
96-INS-0759-A Templates Flap Stand, Flap Stand Center, Aileron, Left Side Aileron stand, Right side, Aileron Stand, Hinge Template, TJ97-1, TJ97-2, TJ97-3, TJ97-4TJ97-5
96-INS-0779-B .016 Wing Rib Preparation [N/A]
96-INS-0780-E D-Cell Drilling Procedure [N/A]
96-INS-0784-A Wing Skin Rivet Pattern Templates [N/A]
97-INS-0923-A Switch Wiring Diagram w/ Electric Brake TE95-21, TE98-22, TE98-22
92-INS-0192-B Cable Mounting Details [N/A]
95-INS-0576-B 912 Choke and Throttle Installation [N/A]
95-INS-0592-C Choke Cable Merge Mounting [N/A]
96-INS-0643-B 912 Oil Cooler Installation AN4-12A, AN960-416, AN365-428A, AN4-12A, AN960-416, AN365-428A, AN4-12A, AN960-416, AN365-428A,
96-INS-0653-G 912 Dynafocal Mounting Instructions AN5-11A, AN365-524, AN960-516, TP96-67, TP96-68, TP98-155, AN380-3-3, TP96-65,. TP96-66, TP96-64, AN6-31, AN960-616, AN310-6, AN380-3-3
96-INS-0678-B Forward Throttle Handle Assembly AN365-416, TC95-294, AN315-4R, AN960-416, TH91-41, AN4-10A, AN4-7, TC95-264, AN315-4R, TC92-175, TC92-114
96-INS-0681-D Aft Throttle Handle Assembly TC92-114, AN365-428, AN960-416, AN315-4R, TC92-175, AN365-428, AN316-4R, AN960-416, TC95-265, TH91-41, AN4-6, AN4-7
96-INS-0744-C 912 Radiator Installation TP96-104, TP96-111, TP96-103
96-INS-0745-B Wing Screen Bow Adjustment [N/A]
96-INS-0748-D Stabilator Secondary Counterweight Installation TT96-61, AN3-5A, AN3-6A, AN3-7A, AN3-10A, AN3-11A, AN3-12A, AN960-10, AN365-1032, TT96-62, SD44BS
96-INS-0764-C Rear Wing Mount Inspection Notice TF98-280, AN5-6A, TF98-280
97-INS-0892-A Leading Edge Repair Procedure SD48BS, SD42BS
97-INS-0930-D 912 Oil System and Radiator Installation NAPA-PN-7462, NAPA-PN-8205, AN4-5A, AN365-428, AN960-416, TP96-69, TP97-148, M6X40, M6X12, TP97-146, TP97-148, AN4-6A, AN365-428, AN960-416, TP97-147
98-INS-0962-A BRS Mounting Bracket Installation SD44BS
98-AS-0972-E Electric Flap System & Trim Sensor TE98-21, #6 WASHER, TE98-026, TE99-31, TE98-27, TE98-25, TE98-28, TE00-36
98-AS-0987-C Trim Motor Mount Assembly TT98-73, TC91-81, TT98-67, TT98-76, TT98-69, TT98-63, TT98-73, TT98-64, TT98-65, TT98-70, SD45BS, TC92-164, TT99-66
99-INS-1045-C 912 Muffler Installation [N/A]
99-INS-1045-C 912 Muffler Installation [N/A]
00-INS-1069-C 15 Gallon Fuel Tank TP94-44, TP96-120, TP97-138, TP97-139, TP97-134, TP98-166
00-INS-1071-B 15 Gallon Fuel Tank TP91-14, TP97-138, TP00-195, TP96-121, TH00-111, TH00-112, TP00-194, TP00-193
01-INS-1156-A Matco Brake Installation TG00-110, TG00-114
01-INS-1159-A Matco Hydraulic Brake Assembly TG00-123, TG99-109, TG99-111, TG99-112, AN4-15A, TG99-110, AN3-7A, AN3-13A, TG00-114, TG00-122, TG-121
01-INS-1165-A Aft. Spar Hinge Doubler Layout [N/A]
01-INS-1234-B Internal Fuel Line Routing [N/A]
02-INS-1368-C Aileron Counterweight Stiffener Ins. TC92-142, TC95-260, TC92-106, TC92-107, TC02-379, TC92-149, TC02-378, TC02-105, TC92-123, TC02-379, TC92-123, TC02-378, TC92-123, SD43BS, TC02-378, TC92-106, TC92-107, SD42BS
10-INS-1465-A Luggage Pod Installation [N/A]
92-INS-0270-C Rear Seat Installation TF94-213, TF94-212, TF94-212, TF92-213
93-INS-0418-C Nose Cone Installation AD42BS
94-INS-0422-C Forward Tank Mount Installation TW94-69, SD48BS, TW94-69
94-INS-0423-C Aft Tank Mount Installation TW94-72, TW94-74, TW94-71, TW94-69, TW00-111, TW94-70, TW94-73,
95-INS-0558-A Exhaust System [N/A]
95-INS-0560-A Oil Injection System [N/A]
96-INS-0634-F Spring Control Steering Option TH92-102, TC92-109, TC92-109, TC96-279, TC95-258, SD48BS, TC92-109, TG94-73, TC92-109, AN4-17A, AN365-428, AN960-416
96-INS-0654-A Wing Tip Landing Light System TW96-92, TW96-91, TW96-96, TW96-95, TW96-92
96-INS-0741-D Extended Range Fuel Tank Installation TP96-97, TP96-99, AN960-10, AN365-1032, TP96-98, AN3-4A, AN960-10, AN365-1032, MS21919 WDG10
96-INS-0766-A Left Window w/ Removable Window Installation AD42ABSLF, AD44ABSLF
96-INS-0767-A Front Door w/ Removable Window Installation AD42ABS, AD42ABS, AD42ABSLF
96-INS-0768-A Horizontal End Cap Installation AD42ABSLF
96-INS-0768-A Horizontal End Cap Installation AD42ABSLF
96-INS-0769-A Vertical / Rudder End Cap Installation AD44ABSLF
96-INS-0788-A 582 Wiring Diagram A-510-2, Solenoid, 12V Battery, 25 Amp Breaker, Landing Lights, Nav Lights, Wing Tank, Fuel Pump, 9200-0045
96-INS-0796-B F-30 Engine Mount Installation TP96-117, TP96-115, AN6-31, AN310-6, AN380-3-4, TP96-114, AN5-11A, AN365-524, AN960-516, TP96-118, TP96-116, AN5-10A, AN365-524, AN960-516
97-INS-0813-E Spade Installation TC02-378, AN365-428, AN960-416, TC96-289, TC97-303, TC97-300, AN3-4A, AN960-10, AN365-1032, TC96-287, AN5-5A, AN365-524, AN960-516, AN936B-516
97-INS-0814-A Snapvent Installation [N/A]
97-INS-0836-E Rotax 2-Stroke Engine Mounts TP97-126, AN5-7A, AN365-524, AN960-516, TP97-125, AN5-10A, AN365-524, AN960-516, TP97-124, TP97-123, AN6-31, AN310-6, AN960-5, AN960-6, AN380-3-4
97-INS-0842-D Fuel System for Extended Range Tank TC97-138, TP97-139
97-INS-0860-B Retro-Fit Electric Flaps Installation TC92-90, TC97-306, TC97-307, AN365-428, AN960-416, AN4-11A, TC92-90, TC96-290, TC97-306, TC97-307, AN4-11A, AN960-416, AN365-428
97-INS-0865-A Landing Gear Fairings Installation AN3, 10-32, AD42ABSLF, TG97-96, TG97-99, AN365-1032, AN960-10
97-INS-0875-B Nose Fork Wheel Pant Installation SD42BS
97-INS-0893-C Deluxe Wheel Paint Parts Prep. TG00-124, TG00-125, TG00-128, TG97-99, TG97-96-R, TG97-96-L, TG02-19, TG00-126, TG00-127
97-INS-0904-B Aileron and Flap Drooping & Finishing SD48BS
97-INS-0936-B Removable Nose Cone Installation TF92-129, TF92-90, TF94-205, TF92-91
06-INS-1442-A Rudder Aluminum Skin Installation TT92-40X, TT92-36, TT92-39X, TT92-35, TT92-34, TT92-32, TT92-26
10-INS-1466-A Stabilator Main Spar Area Plate Installation AN365-524A, AN960-516, AN365-524A, AN960-516, TT10-107, TT92-37X, TT91-2X, TT10-107, AN45-24